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BrainBaseline’s Cognitive Assessment Research & Education (CARE) program is a line of research apps designed to study and improve our understanding on how various conditions affect the brain.

The current study aims to measure the relationship between cancer and cognitive decline, sometimes referred to as “chemo brain”. Recent research indicates that cancer or cancer-related treatment may be linked to cognitive impairment during and after treatment. Little is known about the cause of the impairment and may result from the cancer, the cancer treatment, or indirectly from secondary factors such as stress, fatigue, or depression.

The focus of this initial study is gathering data on the feasibility of a cognitive assessment battery to detect cognitive declines in cancer patients and survivors. The ultimate goal is for doctors to use the cognitive assessment battery to craft better treatment plans accounting for patient cognitive health.

Join the Study

To Join the Study, First Get the App:

Who is eligible for the study?

Anyone 18 years old or older who lives in the United States is eligible for this study. The app is only available on the iPad. The target population is anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer, whether he or she currently has cancer or their cancer is in remission. Individuals who have never been diagnosed with cancer are invited to participate also, their data will be used for important comparisons at the end of the study.

What does your participation include?

If you agree to participate in this study, you will be asked to complete a series of cognitive assessments and questionnaires on a bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis for two months. These assessments have been designed to be self-administered. This means you will follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

The iPad tests consist of an evaluation of your thinking skills, including tests of attention, processing speed, executive function, visuospatial processing, memory, motor control, and verbal learning. The questionnaires relate to your health, demographics, exercise habits, nutrition, fatigue, sleep habits, cognitive function, and mood. You do not need to complete the cognitive tests or the surveys in one sitting, but you will only have a week to complete each set. Each activity, whether questionnaire or cognitive test, should take between two and five minutes and we expect a weekly set to take less than an hour.

How do you participate?

  1. Download the BrainBaseline CARE app onto your iPad
  2. Create a BrainBaseline username and password
  3. Log into the app
  4. Review the informed consent form
  5. Electronically sign the consent form
  6. Complete the questionnaires and cognitive tests
  7. Repeat the questionnaires and cognitive tests as assigned to you; either every two weeks, month, or two months. The total length of the study is 2 months.

About the Study

The BrainBaseline CARE is Digital Artefacts’ line of research studies aimed at monitoring and assessing cognitive function in different populations. Digital Artefacts works independently and with national partners to advance understanding in cognitive function and wellness.

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